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[FULL-720P] Tohoshinki - BIGEAST Summer 2014

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Kick start your weekend by joining me in a sleepover in which we enjoy the antics of DBSK by watching various shows and performances. It’ll be live streamed through ustream  from my laptop and features an open chat ~ a playlist of what to watch is not set up at the moment so feel free to make suggestions as to what shows you’d like to watch.

Remember the date: 
Friday, April 18th, streaming will start at 9pm, an official streaming link will go out at least 30minutes before then

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Yunho has failed in his mission…he have to dance ^^

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[VIDEO] 140311 TVXQ ‘Beatles Code 3D’


[VIDEO] 140311 TVXQ ‘Beatles Code 3D’


Credit: ecaisme evy
Shared by: WBC

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[yunho explaining that they don’t like skinship]

[yunho explaining that they don’t like skinship]

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senpai didn’t notice :/

senpai didn’t notice :/

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